SAGE 2021 Update



  • Added Difficulty settings.
  • Added Checkpoints to bosses after each phase.
  • Added effect for showing that something cannot be hurt.
  • Changed Main Menu to be controlled by up and down rather than left and right.
  • Changed volume of announcer to be louder.


  • Added a small amount of invulnerability frames after being hit.
  • Added another sound effect to heavy attacks.
  • Changed volume of certain sound effects.
  • Changed being able to double jump again after a Down-Kick to not be limited.
  • Changed Down-Kick so attacks can be performed before landing again.


  • Fixed bug where The Giga Kuma Claw didn't need to be performed for it to continue.


  • Fixed bug where The Giga Kuma Claw couldn't hurt the middle piece of the boss.


  • Removed the constant branch attack from the bottom of the screen in Phase 1.
  • Changed health of flies in Phase 1 to be lower.
  • Changed color of rocks, branches and spike to stand out more from the background.
  • Changed Phase 2 to only take two hits rather than three.
  • Changed Speed of spinning top in Phase 3 to be slower.
  • Changed web attack in Phase 3 to no longer aim at the player.
  • Changed all Phases to make The Giga Kuma Claw cause damage even if the boss isn't vulnerable.
  • Changed timing between attacks in Phase 3 to be reduced.
  • Fixed visual bug with the flies in Phase 1 being in the wrong order.


  • Changed Phase 1 hand hit box so it is possible to be ducked under.
  • Changed Phase 1 hand attack to make it more obvious when it's going to happen.
  • Changed spike attack in Phase 3 to not cause damage until further visible.


  • Changed distance of level so it is a lot shorter.
  • Changed UI to not display.
  • Fixed bug where floor was slightly lower than it should be.


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